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Ball Gallery


Design & Built Ball gallery, Foam ball interactive game system for all ages.

everland    Japan   Beijing


Internative equipment provided:

air shooter   babe shooter  air table
  ref: BG-01                                                        ref: BG-02                                           ref:BG-03

mini air table        transfer station    mini fountain(2) 
Ref:BG-04                                                    Ref:BG-05                                           Ref:BG-06   

   cannon    elevated shooter    recycler 
Ref: BG-07                                                     Ref: BG-08                                  Ref: BG-09

target    tipping bucket   foam ball
Ref:BG-10                                        REf: BG-11                                        Ref:BG-12

Major job reference:
- Lotte World (korea)
- Everland (korea)
- Round 1 (Japan)
- Monkey Park(Japan)
- Dream World(Australia)
- Cyber port(Hong Kong)
- Play town(Hong Kong)
- Aberdeen Marinar Club(Hong Kong)
- Ningbo Phenix park( China)
- Dailin Discovery park(China)
- Chimelong children kingdom(China)

All foam ball complied with Toy safety standard of the Japan Toy Assocoation- ST2012: part 1,2,3. European standard for safety of Toys- EN71-1:2011, EN71-2-2011,EN71-3-2013